Due Diligence Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment



Automated Third Party Risk Assessment

TRACEsort makes it easy for organizations to collect and assess third party risk information through multilingual standard or customized questionnaires. The software integrates seamlessly with TRACE risk-based due diligence services, allowing users to designate risk tiers and initiate the due diligence process automatically upon completion of the assessment. Unlike other tools, TRACEsort does not require costly software modifications to implement configuration changes. TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to TRACEsort.

Assessing Third Party Risk with TRACEsort:

  1. Use TRACEsort’s pre-configured risk questionnaire and assessment algorithm, modify them or create your own.
  2. Email the unique link to the risk questionnaire to your internal sponsor, the third parties, or both.
  3. Receive the automatically calculated third party risk assessment based on the questionnaire responses.
  4. Document your notes and impressions and upload any and all documents (due diligence reports, correspondence, etc.) related to your analysis.
  5. Easily retrieve all of the records in the future.

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