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ANNAPOLIS, Maryland , 14 February 2019 / PRNewswire / -  TRACE , the world's leading standard- setting anti-corruption organization, has launched the new online tool TRACE e-Gov Portal  . The portal provides a comprehensive collection of links to country-specific eGovernment services and resources of interest to companies and their employees. The TRACE e-Gov Portal is the only global eGovernment directory that makes these resources easily available to global enterprises and supports governments' efforts to streamline the delivery of administrative services over the Internet.

"The high number of interactions a company has with government officials increases the risk of bribes required," said TRACE President Alexandra Wrage . "As public service delivery on the Internet increases, the need for such personal interaction is reduced e-services can drastically reduce their exposure to bribery requirements. "

The use of the TRACE e-Gov portal is very simple. A clear English-language user interface allows users to search by country or category. The portal provides specific information on which links are available for each of the more than 90 countries currently in the database, and links to 15,000 government agency websites covering areas such as procurement, customs and trade, immigration and travel, cover public services and taxes. The links are divided into categories and sub-categories, giving users convenient access to the services required in various jurisdictions from Albania to Uzbekistan. The site has been designed to be flexible enough to allow the addition of new links as new eGovernment services evolve.

As eGovernment continues to evolve, TRACE welcomes updates and other feedback from national government agencies that want to publicize the availability of their online services. We are grateful to the countries that have already made TRACE a guide to their online services, expressing their commitment to providing and promoting eGovernment resources. Comments and inquiries can be directed by e-mail to [email protected]  .

The TRACE e-Gov portal is  publicly accessible at .


About TRACE 

TRACE is a globally recognized anti-corruption business organization and a leading provider of cost-effective risk management solutions. Its members and customers include more than 500 multinational companies headquartered in countries worldwide. Further information can be found at .