Corruption in Russian Higher Education: Careening Out of Control
June 17 2009

“Nadejda Sledneva, a TRACE Due Diligence Manager, was raised in Russia and continues to follow bribery trends there. Nadejda contributed this blog entry on a subject of growing concern to Russian families and employers.
* * *

Cost-Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance Strategies: Training Tip #2
June 15 2009

“Those conducting anti-bribery training often worry that they aren’t speaking to their audiences’ real concerns. They fear that employees will sit politely through two or three hours of training annually, convinced that the person presenting...

Black Money:  Stabilizing India’s Housing Market?
June 11 2009

“Anne Richardson, Director of Member Services at TRACE, is in New Delhi this week and reports that a hot topic at meetings with business leaders there is the relative stability of the Indian real estate market vis-à-vis the chaotic American housing...

Corruption in the Arbitral Process
June 8 2009

“There has been a lively debate in compliance circles for some time about how best to address potentially overlapping areas of risk: corruption, money-laundering, sanctions, export violations, data privacy. This can be particularly problematic when...

Negotiat* AND Extort*
June 3 2009

“Regular guest blogger, Bruce Horowitz, spends a lot of time thinking about bribe demands. Unlike many of us, however, he focuses on those who navigate transactions without bribes—those who deviate positively from the local custom—rather than...

From Golf Bags to Million Dollar Bribes: Evolution of Foreign Bribery Prosecution in Japan
June 1 2009

“We’ve been hearing that pressure by the OECD on Japanese prosecutors to pick up the pace of anti-bribery enforcement in that country may be beginning to bear fruit. Yas Fuke and Ted Paradise of Davis Polk & Wardwell’s Tokyo office describe...

Voluntary Disclosure in the UK?   More Clarity Promised Soon
May 28 2009

“Earlier this year, we tried to get the Serious Fraud Office to provide greater clarity on the benefits, if any, that would flow to companies in the UK for voluntarily disclosing anti-bribery payments.
This was the impenetrable response from the...

Anti-Bribery Enforcement in Estonia:  An Equivocal Process
May 27 2009

“Tallinn was abuzz about bribery this week. Perhaps that’s overstating things, but at meetings there yesterday, people were keen to discuss the prosecution and conviction of former Environment Minister, Villu Reiljan.
Just last week, Reiljan was...

Global Tips from Prague
May 21 2009

“TRACE works with partner law firms in 94 countries. These firms maintain local law materials, available on-line, and provide support for our workshops and other initiatives.
Every second year, experts from these partner firms gather to...

Cost-Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance Strategies:  Training Tip #1
May 19 2009

“A comprehensive approach to training far-flung employees can be daunting in terms of both time and expense. And yet, reaching these employees with a strong message and giving them a chance to ask questions relevant to their markets is critically...