Compendium Roundup: February 2018

Compendium Roundup: February 2018

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March 01, 2018

Compendium highlights for the month of February include the following:

  • Airbus agreed to pay US$99.4 million to resolve a German bribery investigation related to the 2003 sale of a Eurofighter aircraft to Austria.
  • Ten Greek government officials, including former prime minister Antonis Samaras, have been implicated in the Novartis bribery scandal. This inflamed Samaras, who filed suit against current Premier Alexis Tsipras, alleging that he wrongly implicated the opposition politicians to defame them politically. Greece’s parliament established a special committee to investigate the politicians.
  • The DOJ indicted five former Venezuelan government officials for their alleged receipt of bribes in the multibillion dollar international PDVSA corruption scheme.

Visit the TRACE Compendium to view the complete entries, along with other updates from this month.

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