Due Diligence: the Principle Behind The Process
July 21 2009

“Continuing our discussion of the importance of a meaningful due diligence process, Brady Long, VP – Compliance, Deputy General Counsel & Secretary, Pride International, Inc., describes  below some aspects of their very robust...

Charitable Contributions in Kiev
July 16 2009

“Anne Richardson, Director of Member Services at TRACE, was in Kiev earlier this week. She heard repeatedly that companies operating in Ukraine are routinely asked by public officials for targeted corporate charitable donations. This appears to be...

The Generosity of San Fermín
July 13 2009

“The week-long festival of Los Sanfermines in Pamplona begins each morning with the running of the bulls and ends each evening when the toreros fight each of the six bulls in the "Plaza de Toros" bull ring. The Plaza holds 20,000 fans whose...

Mongolia's Corruption Case Study
July 10 2009

“While petty corruption in Ulaanbaatar is fairly common, — and growing to keep pace with the expanding economy – there’s a much bigger drama unfolding there.  A major uranium mine is back in play and the Russians and Chinese both want it.

Moscow Summit:  Recommendations
July 7 2009

“The Russia-US Joint Working Group on Investment and Institutional Integrity presented the following Executive Summary and Recommendations to President Obama in Moscow this afternoon.  President Medvedev did not attend the “joint” session.   A copy...

Update on Canada’s Foreign Anti-Bribery Law
July 1 2009

“In honor of Canada Day, I had hoped to post an update on anti-bribery enforcement in Canada, but the entry would have been very brief indeed. So, instead, I turned to James Klotz of Miller Thomson, TRACE’s partner firm in Canada, for an update on...

Facilitating Payments:  The Tipping Myth
June 29 2009

“Facilitating payments are often explained away as a humane response to the low wages of the government officials who expect or demand them. “How,” some businessmen ask, “can these requests be refused when an official making just $20 or $30 a month...

Making Due Diligence Palatable
June 23 2009

“When conducting anti-bribery training for TRACE member companies, the most common question we hear is: how can companies persuade commercial intermediaries to participate in due diligence reviews? This is a concern for all companies, but especially...

Corruption in Russian Higher Education: Careening Out of Control
June 17 2009

“Nadejda Sledneva, a TRACE Due Diligence Manager, was raised in Russia and continues to follow bribery trends there. Nadejda contributed this blog entry on a subject of growing concern to Russian families and employers.
* * *

Cost-Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance Strategies: Training Tip #2
June 15 2009

“Those conducting anti-bribery training often worry that they aren’t speaking to their audiences’ real concerns. They fear that employees will sit politely through two or three hours of training annually, convinced that the person presenting...