The Right Woman for the Job

The Right Woman for the Job

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April 20, 2017

The World Bank has long been a leader among international financial institutions in the global fight against bribery and other forms of corruption. By rigorously monitoring its projects and sanctioning those who engage in abuse, the Bank has not only prevented misuse of its own funds, but has helped elevate the ethical standards by which all international development and commercial projects are judged.

In her role as the Bank’s first Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer, Pascale Dubois has played a central part in this achievement. Highly respected, multilingual, and with a decade of prior private-sector compliance experience—both law firm and in-house—Ms. Dubois brought a pragmatic, from-the-trenches perspective to the task of overseeing the Bank’s anti-corruption enforcement activities. But she also brought a talent for addressing the institutional complexities of fighting corruption: streamlining her office’s adjudication processes, developing sophisticated data-management systems, and devising effective incentives for contracting companies to self-report and self-police.

Ms. Dubois has also demonstrated a recognition that tackling corruption must be a collective enterprise, and she has been notably active in encouraging a cooperative approach in the field by organizing widely-attended colloquia and assuming leadership roles in major bar association committees. She has also worked to foster the values of anti-corruption in the rising generation through her work as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law.

She will now have a chance to put her experience and skills to work on an even larger scale. The World Bank Group recently announced that it has selected Pascale Dubois as its next Vice President of Integrity, responsible for the complete range of anti-fraud and anti-corruption activities within the Bank’s independent Integrity Vice Presidency unit. TRACE wishes to congratulate Ms. Dubois on her new appointment, with its crucial responsibility for translating the Bank’s ethical commitments into tangible reality. We cannot think of a better person for the job. 



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  1. Mhairi Scott

    Congratulations to Ms. Dubois. A better title for this post might have been "The Right Person for the Job".

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