Training Accreditation

TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation®

TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® is a comprehensive and rigorous training and accreditation program that offers a professional credential for anti-bribery compliance specialists. The accreditation enables professionals working in this growing field to distinguish themselves with demonstrated anti-bribery compliance expertise. TASA is the only accreditation program available that is dedicated to anti-bribery compliance and features more than 100 courses taught by world-renowned faculty. This program offers companies the highest level of training for their employees and provides individuals with a way to advance their career. The accreditation is awarded by TRACE, the internationally respected anti-bribery standard setting organization.

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Upcoming Courses

Spotlight on Chile & Argentina: Evolutions in Anti-Corruption Law and Regulation

Date: 16 August 2018
Language: Spanish
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT
Speaker: Andres Toledo, Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. ("SQM"), International Corp Compliance & Ethics Professional and Martha Mallory, Business Development Manager of Latin America, TRACE.


The law on criminal liability of legal persons establishing the liability of legal entities arising from white collar crime, has been recognized as a substantial improvement to the local law. Still, there is concern over how the most far-reaching reform to date has functioned in Chile and Argentina since its arrival.

This webinar, conducted in Spanish, will explore the advances in the implementation of the law of criminal liability of legal persons, the challenges that remain, and what recent developments mean for local entities and global companies operating in Chile and Argentina.

Legislación Anticorrupción Chilena y Argentina: Últimas Tendencias 

Fecha: miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2018
Idioma: español
Hora: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. hora del este (12:00 P.M. Santiago/1:00 P.M. Buenos Aires)
Presentadores: Andrés Toledo, Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. ("SQM"), profesional en ética y cumplimiento de corporaciones internacionales y Martha Mallory, gerente Regional para Latinoamérica, TRACE. 

La ley de responsabilidad penal de las personas jurídicas, que establece la responsabilidad de las personas jurídicas derivada de delitos de cuello blanco, ha sido reconocida como una sustancial mejora de la ley local. Pero todavía existe preocupación sobre cómo la reforma de mayor alcance en Chile y Argentina ha funcionado desde su llegada y hasta la fecha.

Este webinar explorará los avances en la implementación de la ley de responsabilidad penal de las personas jurídicas, los desafíos que siguen existiendo, y qué significan los desarrollos recientes para las entidades locales y las empresas globales que operan en Chile y Argentina.

Speaker Biographies

Andres Toledo
Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. ("SQM")
International Corp Compliance & Ethics Professional

International compliance and ethics professional with knowledge of relevant international anti-corruption regulations (FCPA, UK Biribery Act, Chilean Law 20 393), due diligence matters and internal investigations. 

In-house and cross-industry experience (aviation, mining, fertilizers) in enhancing accountability and transparency in corporate compliance programs in the two Chilean companies which have independent FCPA compliance monitors.

Trilingual Spanish, English and Portuguese in-person trainer and policies and procedures advisor.

Martha Mallory
Business Development Manager of Latin America

Martha Mallory is a Mexican trained attorney with experience in white collar crime, internal investigations and anti-corruption, with a special focus on Latin America. She has over seven years of experience working for the Mexican government in the areas of law enforcement, international criminal law, financial assistance, project coordination and tax litigation. As Business Development Manager for Latin America, Martha provides both multinationals and local companies with tailored compliance solutions that fit the needs of the market.

Prior to joining TRACE, Martha worked at the Legal Attaché Office of the General Attorney’s Office at the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. specializing in mutual legal assistance, anti-corruption, white collar crime, U.S. congressional investigations, sting operations and anti-money laundering practices.

Martha studied law at Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City, and holds an LL.M. in General Studies from Georgetown University Law Center with a focus on white collar, anti-corruption and internal investigations.
Martha has been admitted to the New York State Bar and is also authorized to practice law in Mexico. She is a native Spanish speaker and is currently based in Washington, D.C.


Anti-Corruption Challenges for the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America

Date: 29 August 2018
Language: English
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
Speaker: William T. Gordon, Associate General Counsel and CCO, Hercules Offshore, Inc.


 This course, led by William T. Gordon, Associate General Counsel and CCO, Hercules Offshore, Inc., will provide a top level overview of anti-corruption compliance challenges currently facing the oil and gas industry in Latin America. Benefit from an examination of fundamental issues driving the development of anti-corruption law and enforcement in key regions in Latin America as you are provided with practical guidance for effectively overseeing your operations on the ground and ensuring compliance with both US and local regulatory regimes.

Speaker Biography

William T. Gordon
Associate General Counsel and CCO
Hercules Offshore, Inc.

Bill Gordon is a legal and business strategist noted for leading internationally prominent organizations to higher levels of performance in legal, regulatory and policy matters.

A seasoned strategic and legal advisor to top executives and boards, Bill has influenced major business decisions for multinational companies during challenging economic conditions and major organizational transformations.  Known for adeptly negotiating corporate restructuring, financing, and other high-stakes deals, Bill is a trusted partner skilled in advancing an organization’s goals.

Recognized for his expertise in building strong alliances through collaboration, Bill is noted for having led industry-acclaimed compliance initiatives throughout his career, including the transformation of global compliance culture, strategy, and processes for organizations of all sizes in myriad industries.

As Associate General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer for Hercules Offshore Inc., Bill led their litigation, risk, and compliance departments.  In addition, during the course of two corporate reorganizations, he negotiated and advised on corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, tax disputes and restructuring.  Currently, he is tasked with the wind-down of Hercules, including the sale of its global assets and subsidiaries.

Bill also currently serves on the boards of directors of two national non-profit organizations, Children at Risk and Executive Service Corps and is a member of the Momentum Oil & Gas Advisory Board.


AsiaPac Webinar Series: An Exploration of the Anti-Bribery Regulatory and Compliance Environment in Vietnam

Date: 7 September 2018
Language: English
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am EDT
Speaker: Orsolya Szotyory-Grove, Senior Associate of Mayer Brown JSM


The first in a series of newly-launched sessions specifically focused on addressing the nuances of anti-bribery compliance in the AsiaPac region, during this session, Orsolya Szotyory-Grove, Senior Associate, Mayor Brown JSM will offer a comprehensive overview of the anti-bribery regulatory and compliance landscape in Vietnam. Including an overview of new and proposed anti-bribery regulations in Vietnam, Orsolya will provide practical guidance on how to effectively structure an in-region compliance program while also sharing best practice recommendations for approaching localized training and overseeing investigations on the ground.

Speaker Biography

Orsolya Szotyory-Grove
Senior Associate
Mayer Brown JSM

Orsolya Szotyory-Grove is a senior associate of Mayer Brown JSM in Ho Chi Minh City. Ursula has over ten years of experience advising on corporate and commercial matters, investment and licensing, and M&A in Vietnam. She also has advises on compliance with anti-corruption laws, and development of internal corporate compliance programs.



Accreditation Program Requirements

The accreditation process requires that candidates complete a minimum of 30 hours of coursework and pass the accreditation examination with a score of 85 or higher. The requirements must be fulfilled within 12 months of entering the program.

The TASA program provides a core set of fundamental anti-bribery compliance courses along with a broad range of regional and industry specific topics.

  • Substantive Expertise: Courses focused on corporate compliance programs, third party due diligence, books and records provisions, law enforcement and international organizations.
  • Regional Expertise: Courses focused on anti-bribery challenges in specific countries including, but not limited to, China, Russia, India, Nigeria, Brazil and Myanmar.
  • Industry Expertise: Courses tailored for oil and gas, aerospace and defense, technology, retail, healthcare, financial services industries and the international development community.

Candidates are encouraged to design their own path of study of follow the standard two-phase structure detailed below.

Program Phase 1: Fundamentals

This phase consists of 7 one-hour fundamental courses, which candidates are encouraged to complete before moving on to intermediate and advanced courses. The fundamental courses include:

  1. Introduction to the FCPA: the History, the Law and the Lore 
  2. Key Considerations in Anti-Corruption Investigations 
  3. FCPA Compliance in Action 
  4. Gifts and Hospitality in the Anti-Bribery Context 
  5. Anti-Bribery Books & Records – Background, Best Practices and Red Flags
  6. Due Diligence on Third Parties: Rationale, Requirements and Red Flags
  7. The Role of the Private Sector in Combating Institutionalized Corruption in Emerging Markets

Program Phase 2: Focus Areas

This phase consists of at least 23 hours of live and recorded courses from the 5 focus areas. Candidates are advised to dedicate 3-4 hours to each of the focus areas and obtain any remaining credit hours from a TASA accredited conference.

  • Compliance Programs and Risk Management
  • Country/Region Specific
  • Industry-Specific
  • International Organizations & Civil Society
  • Investigations and Enforcement
Employees of TRACE Member companies benefit from complimentary access to  all live and recorded TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® webinars and discounted tuition.