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TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation®

TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® is a comprehensive and rigorous year-long training and accreditation program that offers a professional credential for anti-bribery compliance specialists. The accreditation enables professionals working in this growing field to distinguish themselves with demonstrated anti-bribery compliance expertise. The program is designed to be completed online and offers more than 100 courses taught by a world-renowned faculty of industry and subject matter experts. Candidates may self-select a specialization by region (LatAm, Europe, AsiaPac), subject matter (Business Integrity & Risk) and/or industry expertise (Oil, Gas & Energy, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Tech & Telecom) better preparing them to add real-world value to organizations. The accreditation is awarded by TRACE, the internationally recognized anti-bribery standard setting organization, and supported by the TASA Advisory Committee.


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Upcoming Courses

Anti-Corruption Compliance in Action

Available to TRACE members and TASA candidates

Date: TBC
Language: English
Presenter: Richard N. Dean, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP.


During this session benefit from an overview of current trends and best practices in anti-corruption compliance. Addressing key points for risk exposure, best practices for building an effective anti-corruption compliance program as well as current enforcement trends, this session will also provide insight into key compliance challenges currently facing multinational companies, recommendations for achieving tone at the top and enforcing your compliance program across the organization.

Speaker Biography

Richard N. Dean 
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Richard Dean is a partner in Baker & McKenzie LLP's Washington, D.C. office and focuses on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related legislation, including U.S. money laundering laws and their application to the activities of global companies in emerging markets such as the former Soviet Union, China, Indonesia and Latin America. Prior to joining Baker McKenzie, Mr. Dean worked at Coudert Brothers’ New York, Sydney, Moscow and Washington, D.C. offices, and was head of that firm’s Russia and Central Asia Practice from 1988 to 2005. He has an in-depth understanding of the key political, economic and cultural issues facing organizations doing business in these challenging markets.

Joint Ventures in the Anti-Corruption Crosshairs

Available to TRACE members and TASA candidates

Date: Thursday, 4 April 2019 
Time: 1:00pm EDT
Language: English
Presenter: Kevin T. Abikoff, Partner, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP.


During this session benefit from an overview of the unique anti-bribery compliance challenges posed by joint ventures as you are provided with insights into what steps global multi-national companies can take to mitigate such risks. Also addressed as part of this session, Mr. Abikoff will provide specific guidance on how to engage in a joint venture with a state-owned enterprise in a manner that will minimize your organization’s anti-bribery risk exposure.

 Speaker Biography

Kevin T. Abikoff
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Kevin T. Abikoff is a Partner at Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP where he also holds the positions of Deputy Chair and Co-chairman of the Anti-Corruption & Internal Investigations and the Securities Litigation practice groups. Also a member of the Executive Committee, Mr. Abikoff possess extensive experience in securities and white-collar criminal litigation, enforcement and regulation with an emphasis on the representation of corporations, individuals and other entities in anti-corruption (including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act [FCPA]) matters (investigations, due diligence and counseling), securities and insurance litigation, regulatory, enforcement and arbitration proceedings, particularly class-action litigation, securities disclosure counseling, and designing and implementing insurance and securities compliance policies, procedures and programs. Mr. Abikoff has also represented clients before the World Bank Group and other international financial institutions sanctions matters, including compliance, inspections, investigations, settlements, cooperation, coordination with monitors, and litigating contested sanctions proceedings. Additionally, Mr. Abikoff possesses experience in matters of corporate governance with an emphasis on shareholder derivative proceedings, conducting internal investigations, counseling board committees, and designing and implementing corporate compliance program.

Focus on Africa: Minimizing Bribery and Corruption Risks in Nigeria, Angola, and Kenya

Available to TRACE members and TASA candidates

Date: Thursday, 11 April 2019
Time: 1:00pm EDT
Language: English 
Presenter: Reagan R. Demas, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP.


Addressing recent bribery investigations and enforcement actions that have involved Nigeria, Angola, and Kenya, this course will explore the corruption risks associated with business operations in these regions as you are also provided with practical compliance recommendations for minimizing the risk of liability for your company as well as your personnel on the ground in the local region.

 Speaker Biography

Reagan R. Demas
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Reagan Demas has significant experience working on behalf of companies and investors in emerging markets and high risk jurisdictions. He has managed major legal compliance investigations for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and negotiated settlements before the US Department of Justice, US Securities and Exchange Commission, and other federal and state regulatory entities, obtaining declinations in a number of matters. He has also conducted risk assessments and due diligence in a variety of legal compliance matters for companies across industries, and has worked on the ground evaluating partnerships, investments and other business opportunities worldwide. Reagan has written and spoken extensively on emerging compliance trends, ethics, corruption and doing business in Africa.

FCPA Compliance Recommendations for Multi-National Organizations with Chinese Business Operations 

Available to TRACE members and TASA candidates

Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Time: 9:30am EDT 
Language: English 
Presenter: Bingna Guo, Partner, Beijing/Shanghai, White & Case LLP.


During this session hear from Bingna Guo, Partner, Beijing/Shanghai at White & Case LLP as she provides best practice compliance recommendations for multi-national organizations who currently (or seek to) maintain business operations in China. Building upon her extensive experience in international anti-corruption investigations and compliance matters both in the US and China, Ms. Guo will address recent trends in local bribery enforcement in China and strategies for insulating your company against cross-border risks while also providing practical recommendations for ensuring your local business operations are responsive to local culture and custom without exposing your global business to risk of bribery enforcement.

 Speaker Biography

Bingna Guo
Beijing/Shanghai, White & Case LLP.

Bingna Guo has extensive experience in international anti-corruption investigation and compliance matters, cross-border litigation, international commercial arbitration and mediation, regulatory matters, crisis management, and complex commercial litigation. Bingna represents companies and individuals in internal investigations and enforcement actions, including FCPA/anti-corruption related investigations, fraud, embezzlement, conflicts of interest investigations, compliance risk assessment, and pre-transaction compliance diligence. She also advises companies on comprehensive compliance programs and trainings. Bingna has litigated cases in various legal jurisdictions, and provides clients with strategic and case management advice for parallel proceedings involving multiple jurisdictions. She formerly worked in the litigation department of a leading Chinese law firm under secondment, where she litigated cases before Chinese courts. Bingna has extensive relationships with leading local counsel, and is able to effectively coordinate local litigation and counsel on litigation and dispute resolution proceedings in China. Prior to joining White & Case, Bingna was a partner of another leading US law firm. Bingna has been recognised by Chambers & Partners 2018 in Corporate Investigations/Anti-Corruption – China. 

Accreditation Program Requirements

TASA has been designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for those seeking subject matter expertise in anti-bribery compliance. The accreditation process requires candidates to complete 20 hours of coursework along with passing two examinations to ensure knowledge retention. To attain accreditation candidates must complete the 20 hours of coursework and both Phase examinations within 12 months of entering the program. Divided into two substantive phases- Phase One: Fundamental Courses and Phase Two: Advanced Courses, there is a third optional phase of the program focused on specializations by industry, region and subject matter.

The TASA program provides a core set of fundamental anti-bribery compliance courses along with a broad range of regional and industry specific topics.

  • Substantive Expertise: Courses focused on a wide range of anti-bribery fundamentals including but not limited to corporate compliance, third party due diligence, books and records provisions, law enforcement, cross-border investigations, international organizations, whistleblowers, compliance audits and forensic accounting.
  • Regional Expertise: Courses focused on anti-bribery challenges in specific countries including, but not limited to, China, Vietnam, France, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, India, Brazil, Nigeria and Myanmar.
  • Industry Expertise: Courses tailored for the oil, gas & energy, aerospace & defense, technology & telecom, life sciences, financial services industries and the international development community.

Candidates are encouraged to design their own path of study of follow the standard two-phase structure detailed below.

Phase One: Fundamental Courses

Consisting of courses that address fundamental anti-bribery/anti-corruption concepts, Phase One provides candidates with a foundation for the material to be explored over the course of the TASA program. The fundamental courses include:

  1. Introduction to the FCPA: the History, the Law and the Lore
  2. Effective Internal Investigations – From Discovery to Disclosure
  3. FCPA Compliance in Action
  4. Gifts, Meals, Travel and Entertainment under the FCPA
  5. Due Diligence on Third Parties: Rationale, Requirements and Red Flags
  6. Navigating the Books and Records & Internal Control Provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”)
  7. Toxic Transactions: Bribery, Extortion, and the High Price of Bad Business
  8. How to Promote Transparency and Inspire Ethical Behavior Through a Compliance and Ethics Framework
  9. Innovations and Challenges in Compliance Training
  10. TRACE Conflicts of Interest
  11. TRACE How to Say No

Program Phase Two: Advanced Courses

Building upon the foundation provided by the Phase One Fundamental Courses, Phase 2 engages the candidate into an exploration of advanced concepts with anti-bribery implications. The advanced courses are listed below:

  • Managing Data Transfer & Conflict of Laws Risks Associated with Cross-Border Investigations and Litigation
  • Anti-Bribery Compliance Audits: A Checklist of Essentials
  • Contract Negotiation and Execution Detecting the Responding to bribery Risks
  • FCPA Financial Risk Assessment
  •  What to do When a Company Receives a Dodd-Frank FCPA Whistleblower Letter
  • Journey to the Center of Anti-Corruption Compliance: Past to Present and How this Context Influences Current Thinking
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure, cooperation and Remediation under the DOJ's Pilot Program
  • SECs Increased Enforcement of Internal Controls
  • Resolving Licensing, Sales, Tax and Customs Issues in High Risk Markets without Running Afoul of the FCPA
  • TRACE Economic Sanctions Course
  • TRACE Avoiding Trafficked Labor Course

(Optional) Phase Three: Industry, Subject Matter or Regional Specializations

Phase Three offers candidates to the opportunity to specialize on areas of anti-bribery compliance. The specialization pathways are listed below:

  1. By Region:
    • LatAm
    • Europe
    • AsiaPac
  2. Business Integrity & Risk
  3. By industry:
    • Oil, Gas & Energy
    • Financial Services
    • Life Sciences Specialization
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Tech/Telecom


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