Due Diligence Medium-High Risk

Medium-High Risk

A Detailed Due Diligence Review that Eliminates Screening Costs for Multinational Companies
“TRACEcertification provides the compliance community with an invaluable service by setting a global standard for third party due diligence that is based on the highest benchmarks.”
Bapsy Dastur
General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer
Stolt-Nielsen M.S. Limited

TRACEcertification is a heavily benchmarked and comprehensive due diligence review, analysis and approval process establishing that an individual or organization has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified by TRACE. Certification by TRACE signifies that a company or individual has completed a detailed review that meets international standards. TRACEcertification reports can also be purchased by the third party intermediaries vetted, who can then provide copies to their business partners, eliminating screening costs for multinational companies while providing the assurance that third parties have completed a thorough review administered by TRACE.

TRACEcertification report at a glance:

  • Detailed company information, including information on subsidiaries and affiliated entities.
  • Business registrations, as applicable.
  • Audited Financial Statement (other financial documents can be accepted in lieu of Audited Financials).
  • Beneficial ownership (except for shareholders owning less than 5% of publicly-traded companies).
  • Identification of directors and key employees.
  • Additional ownerships, directorships and employment of all owners, directors and key employees.
  • Current government employment of owners, directors and key employees.
  • Contact information for three business references.
  • Corporate literature or a company description.
  • Watch list and sanctions database check.
  • Politically Exposed Persons screening.
  • Adverse media search in English and in the local language dating back seven years.
  • Litigation search dating back seven years.
  • Continuous monitoring for a full year.
  • Code of Conduct addressing bribery.
  • Completion of online anti-bribery training.

TRACEcertification is not a guarantee against past or potential wrongdoing by the certified entity or a guarantee against potential liability. A summary of any “red flags” identified during the TRACEcertification review will be included in the report, but not all red flags preclude TRACEcertification. Companies seeking to do business with TRACE Certified entities must request and read the underlying reports in the context of all facts known to them, their business and their appetite for risk. Depending on the nature, size and scope of the proposed project with an intermediary, more extensive due diligence may be warranted.