Due Diligence Low-Medium Risk

Low-Medium Risk

Denied Parties and PEP Screening with Same Day Results

TRACEbasic offers companies a flexible and cost-effective solution for screening large volumes of names against Denied Parties and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) databases. Names are searched against hundreds of global regulatory, watch and sanctions lists and results are typically displayed within minutes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Streamline your denied party due diligence processes.
  • Cost-effectively screen large volumes of third parties.
  • Quickly identify higher risk individuals and entities.
  • Continuously monitor third parties throughout the term of their contracts.
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive data entry. 
  • Integrate with our third party risk sorting tool.

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Baseline due diligence and continuous screening

TRAC is an online platform that enables the rapid exchange of compliance information and satisfies international baseline due diligence requirements. TRAC collects and assesses key business and ownership information and continuously screens names against international watch lists.

Approved applicants are assigned a unique ID number within 48 hours. Companies or individuals that have completed or renewed their TRAC profile within the last year are included in the TRAC Register, a searchable database of potential business partners. TRAC holders can provide global partners with complimentary access to their due diligence profile, eliminating the expense and time associated with the vetting process. Any company or individual may apply for a TRAC.

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Media and Watchlist Screening

Screen third parties against sanctions and government watch lists and assess their reputation through a review and analysis of online and print media with TRACE Reputational Due Diligence. The subject of the search is not contacted or involved in this screening. The comprehensive search and analysis of print-based media includes a review of thousands of international sources including court documents, treatises and archaic legislation. The search covers 7 years. Entity and individuals’ names are searched against hundreds of global regulatory, watch and sanctions lists including Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Denied Parties. Multilingual due diligence analysts focus on identifying adverse information or indications of government affiliations and summarize findings in the final report.


Fast track the on-boarding process for your lower risk
third parties

TRACEcheck is designed for lower risk third parties or as a first run due diligence review on a large number of intermediaries, such as the intermediaries of an acquisition target, to determine where further due diligence is necessary. Each report is managed by a multilingual due diligence analyst and leverages TRACE’s internationally renowned questionnaire to deliver actionable insights into a third
party relationship. The review process includes questionnaire and reputational screening follow-up services to obtain clarifications on any red flags identified during the course of the review, as well as rule out or confirm any negative media or matching denied parties/PEP results. TRACEcheck is completed on average within one to two weeks.