Due Diligence Custom Review

Custom Review

Bespoke Due Diligence

TRACEselect® allows companies to order separately priced components of a due diligence report, based on their compliance priorities and third party relationships. The service is designed to help companies fulfill their unique compliance needs with one simple and cost-effective due diligence solution and can be applied to all third party risk levels. Companies can order, track and view reports, as well as manage third party relationships, in the TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS).

Components of a TRACEselect report may include:

  • Internationally renowned TRACE questionnaire with option to customize.
  • Identification of prior bankruptcies, criminal convictions or pending investigations.
  • Adverse media search in English and in the local language dating back 7 years.
  • Litigation search dating back 7 years.
  • Watch list and sanctions database check.
  • Politically Exposed Persons screening.
  • Code of Conduct addressing bribery.
  • Online Anti-Bribery training administered by TRACE.

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