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Compliance Platforms

TRACE provides the compliance community with a variety of innovative tools designed to reduce the time and continuous effort involved in deploying and maintaining a robust compliance program.

Third Party Management System (TPMS)

The TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS) is a streamlined, user‐friendly online tool for managing third party risk and due diligence requirements. The platform makes it easier for compliance professionals to automate compliance activities, assess third party risk, manage due diligence reviews and track on-boarding decisions for an unlimited number of third parties.

The TPMS is a scalable platform intuitively designed with the compliance officer in mind. Three different account types are available with varying levels of customization and usability. TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to basic TPMS features.

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Automated Third Party Risk Assessment

TRACEsort makes it easy for organizations to collect and assess third party risk information through multilingual standard or customized questionnaires. The software integrates seamlessly with TRACE risk-based due diligence services, allowing users to designate risk tiers and initiate the due diligence process automatically upon completion of the assessment. TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to TRACEsort.

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Gifts and Hospitality Risk Management

TRACE Members enjoy complimentary access to TRACEgifts, a secure online system for tracking both incoming and outgoing gifts, meals, travel and entertainment. TRACEgifts is accessible through the TRACE Third Party management System (TPMS) allowing users to manage their anti-bribery compliance program in one place. With TRACEgifts organizations can easily deploy and maintain a global gifts and hospitality program, streamline review and approval procedures, generate auditable records and identify spending patterns that may raise a red flag. 

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Intermediary Directory

The TRACE Intermediary Directory is a searchable database of pre-vetted and trained third parties for hire containing thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in every non-sanctioned country. Only intermediaries that have completed TRACE Certified Due Diligence ™ are included in the database. Inclusion in the Intermediary Directory signifies that the intermediary has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming during the review process.

Entities can be searched publicly by company name. Additional search and messaging features are available exclusively to TRACE Members.

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TRACE e-Gov Portal

The TRACE e-Gov Portal includes a comprehensive collection of links to country-level e-government services and resources of interest to businesses and their employees. As the only global e-government directory, the Portal makes these resources easily available to companies doing business worldwide and promotes governments’ efforts to streamline the provision of administrative services over the internet.

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The TRAC Register

The TRAC Register is a publicly searchable database of third party suppliers that have completed international baseline due diligence requirements and hold TRAC profiles. TRAC holders listed in the Register have completed or renewed their TRAC profile within the last year. 

TRAC collects and assesses key business and ownership information and continuously screens names against international watch lists.

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